Café NIL
A Symbiosis between Permanence & Renewal

With the new Café NIL, we aspire to create an intercultural composition that bridges and blends different cultures, much like the majestic Nile. Just as the Nile gracefully traverses diverse lands and cultures, uniting them in its embrace, our kitchen serves as an element of connection.

The recipes that grace our menu are the inspired creations of Salwa Ghobrial, a talented culinary maestro hailing from the heartland of Egypt. Drawing from the rich culinary heritage of southern Egypt, she intertwines these traditional flavors with Middle Eastern recipes and Mediterranean influences, resulting in a vibrant Oriental-Levantine-Mediterranean symphony of taste.

Our menu speaks therefore a language of cultural exchange, where Egyptian specialties take center stage while paying homage to the culinary traditions of Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Persia, Morocco, Palestine, Yemen, and the Mediterranean. Café NIL’s hybrid identity emerges from the intermingling of these diverse cultures. Together, let us shape and celebrate this harmonious connection on a daily basis!

At the core of our passionate craftsmanship lie the foundations of quality and freshness. Beginning with the ethereal aroma of freshly baked bread, we meticulously select seasonal ingredients, crafting each dish with love and care. To the best of our ability, we incorporate ingredients sourced from organic farming. Organic olive oil, unadulterated sea salt flakes, farm-fresh vegetables, and organic beef have become integral elements in many of our delectable creations.

With unwavering dedication, we strive to pamper all your senses and provide you with a unique NIL experience. We eagerly anticipate your feedback and suggestions, for it is through collaboration and the pursuit of perpetual refinement that our collective journey shall thrive.

The Café NIL team works tirelessly to indulge you in culinary delights, aiming to create an unforgettable experience. We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to serve you with passion and joy.

warmest regards,
yours Café NIL Team